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This section of the site is for you creative types who want to make your own stories using NES characters!

Super O'Hare Bros.
Our story starts out with Mario and Luigi hanging out in the Mushroom Kingdom. Bored out of their minds, they call up their good chum from outer space Bucky O'Hare. Bucky arrives and the trio starts to cause lots of mischief. Mario and Luigi are playing kick the Goomba and Bucky is using his blast gun to knock bits and pieces out of the princess's castle! I should probably mention Bucky brought along a little moon shine (get it moon shine!) for the trip and Bucky, Mario, and Luigi went stir crazy. Princess Peach called in Ryu Hyubasa for help and he made quick work of the troublesome trio. After sobering up the next morning, They noticed the damages they had caused and tried to seek help from the good folks at the NARC Rehabilitation clinic. Now they are clean and sober for the most part, and the only time they get into to trouble now is when giant mushrooms just happen to be near by........
Solid Kirby
While traveling in the romote jungle of Asia on an important mission, Solid Snake stumbled into a well that launched him into a magical dream land. Snake saw pinkpuff ball named Kirby standing next to him. Immediately on the defense, Snake tried to take out Kirby with his knife, but it just didnt happen! Kirby sucked up Snake like a puddle of water and within a matter of seconds, Kirby obtained Snake's awesome look and stealth abilities. Now Kirby was a knife weilding, mullet wearing, chain smoking, freedom fighting, squat, pink puffball! Out of nowhere Snake awoke and saw that is was all a dream!

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