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I recently sat down and had a one on one chat with Ken Watson , a man who has made video games an extreme passion, to the extent that he has broken multiple records and high scores over the past 20 years! The following is what he had to say. Some of it is informative, some of it is intriguing, and some of it is down right goofy!

NW: What is your most most memorable high score?
Ken : the score i had on commando was 994,300 from spring, 1987
NW: you think you can beat that?
Ken : absolutely
Ken : and i know every hidden spot too
NW: I always liked the game Airwolf over 1942 and 43
Ken : based on the hit cbs show
NW: was that a show? i didnt know that
Ken : yep
Ken: from 1984 to 87
NW: maybe Ill try to find it on limewire something, was it a good show?
Ken : yea
Ken : saw the entire run
NW: you ever play the game Snow Bros? I love that game
Ken : no
NW: its a co op platformer for NES, very similar to the way Mario Bros was set up but with more powerups and cooler baddies
Ken : cool
Ken: had the nes the next 13 years
Ken : and since this is my 20th anniversary of playing videogames, i have lots of moments to boot
NW: what was the fastest you ever beat a game?
Ken : score or time?
NW: time
Ken : soul calibur - 4 seconds for knocking an opponent out of the ring
ken : 1998-99
NW: thats insane, the fastest I ever did was against some guy online in MK Deception I beat him in about 30 seconds with the help of a death trap
Ken : yea
Ken : but 4 seconds in soul calibur will never be matched
NW: Im sure if you sent in all your accomplishments to some of thes game magazines they would do an article on you
Ken : yea
NW: what would you say is your greatest accomplishment in gaming?
Ken : my greatest accomplishment would be...
Ken : playing gauntlet legends 9 hours straight at the arcade
NW: nice, what is your favorite game of all time? Favorite system?
Ken : nes, fave game will be super mario brothers
Ken : i was gonna give my top 20 moments, but it would be a bit long
NW: how about top 3?
Ken : that'll do
Ken : top 3...
Ken7 : #3 knocking an opponent out of the ring in 4 seconds - soul calibur
Ken : #2 breaking 1 million playing robotron 2084
Ken : and #1 is playing gauntlet legends for 9 hours
NW: Thanks for your time
Ken: No prob

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